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It is a good idea to take your puppy to see your vet as soon as possible after you get him home. A lot of practices will offer a free health check to new puppies. It is best to wait until your puppy has settled in properly before giving any vaccinations, but a general health check will give you a chance to make sure that there are no obvious problems before you get too attached to him. This will also give you the chance to treat your puppy for fleas and worms if the breeder has not done this recently. Pet shop flea and worm products are generally not very effective so ask your vet to recommend some. General recommendations are to treat for worms every 2 weeks until a puppy is about 12 weeks old, and then monthly until 6 months. Most flea treatments will last around 1 month. Remember that your puppy will continue to grow so make sure that any doses are appropriate for his weight.

Once you have had your puppy for a few days, and he has settled in, he should start his initial vaccination course. Different vaccination manufacturers have different advice on timings so it is best to discuss this with your vet. Generally, though, your puppy can have his first vaccination at 8 weeks of age, but will need to be at least 10 weeks of age for the 2nd one.

Author: Helen

Published: 2011-09-20

Last modified: 2011-09-20


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